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Stop Throwing Money Away… Get Your Free Solar Quote Today!

Why pay power bills when you could have solar?

25 Year Performance Guarantee

Thousands of $$$ In Rebates

Highest Quality Inverter and panels

Feed In Tarrifs Still Available

Finance Available

100% free quote, all you’ve got to lose is your power bill.

Enter your details on our free quote form. We’ll give you a quick call to confirm your address and quote.

We don’t just give you a free quote either, we’ll show you how to structure your solar purchase so you can sell power back to the grid so it’s not just saving you money but making you money!

Get Your Free Solar Quote Today

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Solar NRG

What are you waiting for? Slash your power bills with Solar!

Ever seen the price of power drop?

Yeah neither have we…

Power bills are going to continue to rise.

Get a free solar quote today.

We’ll show you how to take the money you already pay on power, and put it towards solar power instead.

Saving you tens of thousands of dollars into the future.



CEC Approved Installers


Only The Highest Quality Equipment Installed


Assistance To Claim Thousands In Rebates


Free Quote To Show How Much You Could Save


Finance Your Entire System And Install

Square feet of trees planted

A 5KW system reduces carbon emissions equivallent to planting 21,000 square feet of trees!

Dollars available in rebates

The governemnt is still supplying Australians with generous rebates to help you go solar.


How It Works

Saving your money and the environment is a process we make easy…


Request Your Free Quote

Fill out the form for your free quote request.


Discover Your Potential Savings

Receive your free quote which outlines the recommendations and potential savings.


Solar Panel Installation

If you’re happy with the quote we can arrange your solar installation.

Why Put It Off?

Why Get A Solar Quote?

After you request a quote, we’ll get in touch to confirm your information such as your address and average quarterly power bill. Once we have that information confirmed we’ll be able to arrange your free quote. This quote will contain all the information you need to make an educated decision on your solar needs. View some of the data examples…

See Exactly How Much You'll Save

Once we know how much you currently pay we can calculate the system required for you to eliminate your power bill.


It's Completely Obligation Free

A solar quote will provide you with all the information you need to make a decision on whether or not to go solar. The best part is it costs you nothing and is obligation free.

You'll Get An Environmental Analysis

You’ll see the exact environmental benefits you will be contributing to the earth within your quote. The equivalent of how many trees planted, how much coal you avoided burning and more.

Financial Sense

Most importantly, you’ll see whether or not going solar makes financial sense, in black and white. Take action today and take your power back.

Finance Solar

Think about it… You’re already spending at least $50 a week on your power right? Why not SWAP that bill for a finance bill? You won’t have a power bill anymore and once your system is paid off you won’t have a finance bill either. In fact if you’re smart about it you can receive a quarterly check from your electricity retailer instead of a bill! We can show you how to make it possible.

It’s simple math.

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