Best Rolex GMT Replica Watch That is Popular in UK

If you are going to buy a Rolex replica watches piece, which one comes first into your mind? This Rolex GMT replica watch is proven to be a hit in UK market. Take a look, you may also like it!

The most intuitive appearance of Rolex GMT Ref.126710 is its red and blue outer ring. Because it is similar to the color of Pepsi coke, it is also called “Pepsi circle” in the market.

Since the GMT series was born in 1954, the outer ring has undergone three generations of evolution. From the earliest plastic material to aluminum alloy, until 2005, the Cerachrom ceramic outer ring was used. The first batch of Cerachrom ceramic outer rings were all black. In order to facilitate the distinction between day and night in the second time zone, in 2013, Rolex launched the world’s first integrated blue and black two-color Cerachrom word circle. The firing of such two-color ceramic rings is very difficult, because it is necessary to control the “color of the two colors” and the “boundary between colors”.